Sutton and Wandle Valley Ramblers

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Cards

The Ramblers would like these cards to be carried which will allow walkers to provide their emergency contact details and important medical information. Walkers should keep ICE cards in an accessible place, eg the top pocket of rucksacks, so that if something should happen on a walk the walk leader or emergency services have easy access to this information. It's best to use a ballpoint pen to fill in the card, the ink is permanent on the card and will not smudge. ICE cards can be downloaded here.

The carrying of these cards is optional but obviously recommended.

Walk Your Way To Health!

The NHS recommends regular exercise to improve our health. It is recommended that adults should do 150 minutes of moderate activity (such as brisk walking)

and strength exercises every week. Further guidance and exercise advice is available on the NHS website.

In order to make a start on this Public Health England have launched their "Active 10" campaign to encourage us all to do at least 10 minutes brisk walking daily.

They also offer a free activity monitoring app.

You already appreciate the benefits of walking so why not join our walks to enjoy the countryside and improve your health!


Monday, December 10, 2018